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Welcome Fall!

Welcome Fall!

It’s no secret that we really, really love Summer here at Compass Paper Co. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not stoked to celebrate the changing of seasons! After a summer full of fun activities on and off the water, Fall invites us to slow down and prepare for the upcoming holiday season (and Michigan winter, yikes). Outdoor opportunities abound, and there are definite perks to cooler weather and shorter days.

In fact, we’ve come up with a few of our top reasons to get excited about Autumn, and the fall gifts and gear you’ll need to have an unbe-leaf-able time! 

We finally have a reason to bust out our cute, cozy accessories

If you follow us on Instagram (and you should!) you may have noticed Annie’s devotion to Chacos. But cooler temperatures give us a reason for a wardrobe refresh as we dust off our best beanies, scarves, and warmer layers and head outdoors!

Our recommendation: Happy Lil Trees Shoulder Season Beanie // $36
Warm beverages really have their time to shine
Obviously, we’re committed to coffee all year, but there’s something about a warm drink in a cute mug on a brisk Fall morning that just absolutely hits the spot.
Our recommendation: Bluegill Camp Mug // $32
Fall colors are pretty incredible 
Summer sun and sparkling blue water will always have the top spot in our hearts, but it’s impossible to deny that there’s something magical about Autumn hues and crunchy leaves. Leaf peepin’ season, here we come!

Our recommendation: Leaf Sticker // $5
Great hiking weather - and fewer crowds
Kids are back in school and the trails are wide open. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a friend, take in those colorful leaves, and enjoy the cool weather in the great outdoors.

Our recommendation: Up North Tube // $22
Libra season
It’s time to celebrate all the Fall babies! They’re charming, diplomatic, compassionate, and great listeners. Tell your favorite Libra just how much you love ‘em with an awesome card or fall birthday gift.
Our recommendation: Leaf Me Card // $5
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