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  1. Pack It Up Card
  2. Many More Miles Card
  3. A Sky Full Card
  4. Wheelie Card
  5. So Pumped Card
  6. Warmest Wishes Card
  7. Oh (Pearl)Snap! Card
  8. Great Day Card
  9. Take It Easy Card
  10. Go Shorty Card
  11. Floatilla Birthday Card
  12. Treat Yo Self Card
  13. Tie One On Card
  14. Good S#!T Card
  15. Wild Bday Card
  16. Tree Ring Card
  17. Happy Trails Card
  18. Keep It Reel Card
  19. Better With Age Card
  20. S'mores Birthday Card
  21. Blast Birthday Card
  22. Cairn Card
  23. Floats Your Boat Card

Birthday Cards

Birthdays are a time to celebrate the best parts of those we love. And if you can’t celebrate with an outdoor adventure this year, help get their birthday celebration started with an outdoor-themed birthday card. You can even give the gift of some fantastic puns for their birthday that will be sure to make them laugh and forget how old they’re turning. You’re pretty much guaranteed to win the prize for the most awesome birthday card.

We prioritize helping you maintain peace of mind by implementing eco-friendly resources for our birthday cards, such as enforcing the use of recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. We do this in an effort to help preserve this beautiful earth that gives us so much opportunity for fun and adventure. What’s even better, when you buy birthday cards from Wild lettie, you’re supporting a small business, which in turn supports a human being, which we think is pretty cool of you.

Are you looking for a little something extra to throw in with that birthday card? Take a look at our outdoorsy enamel pins and stickers! These small items pack a powerful punch of attitude and are an extremely easy way for you to help your friend express their awesome love for the outdoors wherever they go. You can easily tuck them into the envelope with their (totally rad) birthday card, making this is a simple way to take their birthday wishes to the next level.