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  1. Mis-stakes Card
  2. Oar-Deal Card
  3. Pour Your Heart Out Card
  4. In This Together Card
  5. One Step Card
  6. Totally Blows Card
  7. Stay Afloat Card

Sympathy Cards

Show your family and friends that you care by sending a greeting card! We pride ourselves on having greeting cards for every occasion, and one of the most important times to show your love and support is when someone is going through something. Whether you’re wishing them a speedy recovery or just letting them know you’re sending them good vibes, do it by sending one of our sympathy cards. Perfect for hiking and camping lover, you’re sure to find the perfect card for your outdoorsy loved ones.

We prioritize helping you maintain peace of mind by implementing eco-friendly resources for our sympathy cards, such as eco-friendly printing and vegetable-based ink. We do this in an effort to be one of the companies that give back and help preserve the beautiful earth that has given us so many opportunities for fun and awesome adventures. 

When you buy sympathy cards from Wild Lettie, you’re supporting a small business, which in turn is supporting a human being, which we think is pretty dang cool of you. Thanks for being so awesome.

Looking for a little something extra to throw in with your sympathy card? Consider including one of our super rad, outdoorsy stickers or a fun enamel pin to take your well wishes to the next level! Not only are these items crazy cool, but they’re an easy way to help your outdoor-enthused loved one show their style and express their love for all things camping and hiking wherever they go.