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One of the very best things about Fall is what makes the season most unique – Fall colors! According to the National Forest Service, there are three factors that come into play to get those amazing, rich colors we love: leaf pigments, length of night (who knew?!), and weather. Maybe that’s why leaf-peeping feels special: everything has to come together juuust right to get the lovely displays at exactly the right moment. And when it! 🤩

Because Compass Paper Co. is headquartered in Michigan, we are lucky to get to experience all four seasons in a dramatic way. (Although we could do without Winter if we’re being totally honest. 😉)  So, we thought it would be fun to share some of Annie’s favorite places for leaf-peeping in Michigan, and the gear we’re taking along to fuel our road trips and leaf-pile jumping. 

Pyramid Point in Sleeping Bear Dunes: A wonderful walk through the woods to the iconic Lake Michigan overlook. 

Inspiration Point off of W. MacFarlane Road: A gorgeous overlook of the Glen Lakes and onto Lake Michigan just outside of Glen Arbor.

Pierce Stocking Drive: Spend part of your day driving through a gorgeous spot in Sleeping Bear  Dunes through tunnels of trees. Be sure to stop at all the turnoffs for amazing overlooks, short walks, and great spots to eat the lunch you packed!


And, because we pride ourselves on creating the best (and most fun) goods for any adventure, we gathered up our must-have leaf-peeping gear. Side note: these are FANTASTIC gifts for Fall birthdays, as well:

Because a road trip without snacks (and seltzer) is like Fall without colors!
We call it the “Shoulder Season” Beanie for a reason...not too warm, but just enough to keep you comfy and looking cute.
Show the world that you’re mad for plaid, the official uniform of leaf-peeping season (and beyond!)
Picture this: you pop a postcard with an invite to a day of Fall fun + some cider on your bff’s doorstep.
We can’t think of one single reason that your keys shouldn’t be festive, too.

If you’re anything like us, your friends are outdoorsy, too. We’ve got tons of gifts for hikers, campers, anglers, and more...or, snag something cute for yourself! Our email list will keep you in the know about special discounts and promo codes each month, and be sure to give us a follow on Instagram (if you haven’t already!) for fun giveaways and product sneak peeks!

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