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Let's Go Please

Let's Go Please

I designed the “Let’s go hiking please” card years ago in 2016. And back then it looked totally different. It was just plain, teal text on a white background. I was just starting to push out of the feminine watercolor box I had put myself in when I first began with stationery (that’s another story for another long post some day). In an effort to break from that I started doing illustrations and designs that were more “me” - things that weren’t watercolor but were bold, punny and revolved around my love for the outdoors.

This past year, my first year full time with Compass Paper Co, I overhauled everything. I designed a new website and sat down and tons of new designs poured out of me. I said goodbye to old designs that I no longer liked and didn’t work anymore. Plus I spent a lot of time giving a facelift to fun ideas I had years ago but needed a change to fit into where I felt like Compass has been heading.

Hiking Greeting Card - Outdoorsy Stationery

I always liked the idea of a card that said “Let’s Go Hiking Please.” The whole point of sending that to someone was to start a conversation that turned into an adventure. And as Compass Paper Co truly started to become an outdoor stationery brand and that design got a new, colorful look this past Spring that idea took off again. We sold through a ton. A lot of shops we work with picked it up. I started getting requests for other verbs - not just hiking. And I was happy to oblige and set out to add more “let’s go please” cards while I worked on new cards for 2020 last Fall.

I am so excited to have added 5 more designs to our Let’s Go Please collection. And I hope you are just as excited about them too!

Compass Paper Co - Outdoor Stationery - Camping Greeting Card

At the end of the day, Compass Paper Co is all about connection. Hundreds of “Let’s Go Hiking Please” cards were sent out last year. And I am so beyond stoked thinking that those cards helped jumpstart hundreds of connections, conversations and adventures. That’s what I have always wanted this business to be and I am so happy to see it become that through you - our amazing customers and retailers.


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