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5 Funny Birthday Cards Your Friends Will Actually Keep

5 Funny Birthday Cards Your Friends Will Actually Keep

Your friend’s birthday is right around the corner. You would love nothing more than to make them laugh—and show them you appreciate their friendship. Give them a birthday card they will actually keep instead of being thrown in the garbage bin and forgotten about. Compass Paper Co has an assortment of clever and funny cards that will do the trick. 

Made with veggie-based, chemical-free inks on 100% responsibly-sourced FSC paper, you can show your buddy you care about them without the footprint. Include a colorful outdoor sticker along with your card to give them a lasting reminder of their love for nature and being outside.

Weird Birthday Card

If your buddy has a funky style, they are sure to love this card. “It’s your birthday, get weird with it” pokes fun at the carefree fashion faux-pas of combining socks with strappy sandals. Perhaps they enjoy dressing this way while camping. Or maybe they just like to be weird 24/7. Either way, you dig it. 

Better With Age Card

Your friend’s favorite go-to outdoor jacket has seen better days, and so have they. Remind them they are aging ever so gracefully and that with age comes wisdom. They may not be as fit as they were in their previous years but you love them all the same.

Wild Bday Card

Get your nature-loving buddy this card of a camper van and encourage them to have a birthday out in the wild. Whether they love taking the RV or would rather pitch a tent somewhere, this nifty card will show them you encourage their affinity for the outdoors. 

Tan Lines Card

Tan lines equal good times. The best birthdays and memories are made under the sun—with sunblock, of course. We can all use some vitamin D so give this not-so-subtle hint to your birthday buddy and let them know they should take a break and head outside to catch some rays.

Treat Yo Self Card

This card is a gentle reminder that birthday calories don’t count. Tell your friend they should always treat themselves, regardless of the occasion, but their birthday is a perfect time to go above and beyond—and rightfully so. Bring on the carbs and cake because it’s time to celebrate!


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