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4 Great Reasons to Send Congrats Cards and What to Say In Them

4 Great Reasons to Send Congrats Cards and What to Say In Them

Milestones and life-changing events shouldn’t go without notice. Whether your loved one is graduating college, moving to a new place, or just taking a risk on a new adventure—show your support. Send them a congratulations card that you know they will appreciate. It’s a gentle and sincere reminder that you care, and of course, that you are there for them. 

A step closer to a dream job

So your buddy got a promotion. One of the easiest ways to say congratulations and show you support their professional goals is by sending them a card with a silly text like “Hex Yeah”, or a simple “YAY” will also do the trick. Follow it up by writing something such as, “fully support your new position” or “one step closer to ultimate goals.” No matter what you write, you’ll let them know their goals and achievements don’t go unrecognized. Besides, you can’t underestimate the importance of a support system to help someone get through life.

Making it official with a significant other

There’s nothing better than finally meeting your other half and then tying the knot. Send your newly-engaged buddy this “New Life” card, which is a funny way to remind them of the commitment they’re forever going to be in with their special person. Sometimes you don’t know what to write in a congratulations card. Whether you add a personal message (ie; “happy to see someone is finally putting up with you”) or let the card speak for itself, it’s certain both your buddy and their partner will appreciate the thought. 

Welcoming a new family member

Life changes immensely when you add a baby to the mix. But luckily, it’s for the better! Give your outdoor-loving buddy this “Pack For That” card as a reminder that they can take the little one hiking on their adventures, or get them this cute “Bun In The Oven” card and include a personalized message congratulating them on their family expansion.  

The big move

It takes a lot of courage to pack your bags and start a new life in a new place. But it’s certainly an admirable thing to do. Send your brave buddy a congratulations card message telling them you fully support their decision. These “Onward” or “Go Get Em” cards are great options to show your friends how stoked you are for their new adventures. Add a short and sweet message such as “Props to you for taking this step” or “Here for you, if you need me,” to give your blessing.

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