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  1. Leaf Sticker
  2. Canoe Sticker
  3. Van Sticker
  4. Tan Lines Sticker
  5. Sleeping Bear Sticker
  6. Petoskey Sticker
  7. Fishtown Muskie Sticker
  8. Happiness Sticker
  9. Classic Fly Sticker
  10. Fishtown Sunset Sticker
  11. Fishtown Sticker
    Sold Out
  12. Hiking Boots Sticker
  13. Leelan-Awesome Sticker
  14. Paddling Please Sticker
  15. Outside Please Sticker
  16. Climbing Please Sticker
  17. Biking Please Sticker
  18. Camping Please Sticker
  19. Hiking Please Sticker
  20. Good Vibes Sticker
  21. Happy Days Sticker


What better way to show off your style and love for adventure than with our totally bomb outdoorsy stickers? Slap them on your water bottle, laptop, notebook, cooler, boxes and bins, care packages, greeting card envelopes, or literally any other flat surface for a vibrant, colorful flourish. Curated especially for enthusiasts of all things hiking, adventurous and awesome, these stickers are the perfect item for outdoor lovers to showcase their passion.

Just. Like. You.

We prioritize helping you maintain peace of mind by implementing eco-friendly resources for our products, and pride ourselves on being one of the environmentally sustainable companies out working hard to keep our planet happy and healthy. We do this in an effort to be one of the companies that give back and helps preserve the beautiful earth that has given us so many opportunities for fun and awesome adventures. 

When you buy stickers from Wild Lettie , you’re supporting a small business, which in turn is supporting a human being, which we think is pretty dang cool of you. Thanks for being so awesome.

Are you getting some stickers as a gift for a fellow lover of the outdoors? Look for the perfect greeting card to go along with your gift! With greeting cards ranging from happy birthday, to congratulations, to thank you, and of course a healthy supply of “just because”, you’re sure to find the perfect greeting card for whatever you’re celebrating. Show your friends, family and loved ones that you care about the old fashioned way with one of our greeting cards.