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Yank their chain: Celebrating the jokesters, pranksters and pun-lovers in your life

Yank their chain: Celebrating the jokesters, pranksters and pun-lovers in your life

Life’s too short to take yourself too seriously – at least that’s our motto at Compass! Humor is the common thread you’ll find running through our cards and accessories alike, thanks in part to founder Annie Lang’s love of a good joke. For years, Annie has carried around a notebook to jot down card-worthy puns, so it seems only appropriate for us to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

Funny greeting cards from Compass Paper Co

Looking for some innocent April Fools’ pranks for friends that are easy to pull off? Here are a few of our favorite classics. 

  • ‘Broken TV’ - Interrupt a nightly Netflix binge by messing with the TV remote. Just attach a tiny piece of tape over the laser sensor on the remote, which will (temporarily) block the signal. Make sure it's the right color—if the remote is black and you don't have any black tape, use a sharpie to color in it—and then leave it out and wait for the confusion. A great way to incite some serious laughs right at home!
  • ‘Is Sarah there?’ - Looking for an April Fools’ prank you can pull off from afar? Recruit a team of friends to help you out and throughout the day, beginning as early as possible, have different people call your ‘victim’ and ask to speak with Sarah. Repeat this as often as possible and at the end of the day, give her one final call and say, “Hi, this is Sarah. Have there been any calls for me?” 
  • ‘Please honk’ - Add a secret message to the bumper of your friend's car, which reads: "PLEASE HONK. Driver doesn't know. April Fools’ Day." Just make sure it’s something that can be easily removed!

If pranks aren’t your style, you can still celebrate the goofball in your life with some of our favorite lighthearted, funny greeting cards. These unique, outdoorsy cards are sure to crack a smile! Stock on up and send ‘em out to your friends this April Fools’ Day -- or, well, any day really. Because laughter is good for all occasions, and just plain good for the soul!

Funny greeting cards from Compass Paper Co
  • What’s Cooking card - I don't know about you but that drawing of camp breakfast is making me drool a little... 
  • See You More card - I don't know why it took us 4 years to put a sasquatch on a greeting card...
  • Sup With You card - Puns and paddleboards - what else could a person want in a greeting card?

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