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A Birthday Card for Every Type of Bestie

A Birthday Card for Every Type of Bestie

They’ve been there for your highest highs (yes, that includes mountain summits!) and lowest lows, so choosing unique birthday cards for friends should signify so much more than a simple greeting. It’s a chance to honor their personality, however quirky it may be. We’ve rounded up our favorite funny birthday cards for each type of friend – and we hope it sparks some ideas to make this birthday special.

For the Friend Who’d Rather Be Fishing
They’re always angling for a good time.

For the Happy Camper
They’ve perfected their marshmallow roasting technique, and they’re always up for pitching a tent and having a blast.

For the “Don’t Talk to Me Before I’ve Had My Coffee” Bestie
Your friendship is filled to the brim with coffee dates and discussions of the best brew methods.
For the Night Owl
When the campfire finally dies and you realize you’ve been talking for hours...this is for that person.

For the Early Riser
They’re first at the trailhead and first in our hearts.

For that One Friend...
You know exactly who we’re talking about.
For the Adventure Buddy
Whatever the activity, you can count on them to bring the stoke.

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