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5 Fun Friendship Cards to Give Your Buddies

5 Fun Friendship Cards to Give Your Buddies

There is nothing quite like a friendship built on mutual love and passion for the great outdoors. After all, the memories made while fishing, hiking, or even the stories shared during a night by the campfire are absolutely priceless. Whether you have already shared some beautiful moments together or want to make some more, send them a friendship card to let your buddies know how much they mean to you! Made with post-consumer recycled paper and veggie-based inks, these best friend cards are not only super cute but they’re also sustainable—so it’s a win, win. 

Adventure Partner Card

Adventure partner card

No need to be indirect with this one. Give this BFF card to your best adventure buddy to let them know - in a totally cute way - that the stars have aligned, and not only do you vibe well while tackling the forces of nature together, but you prefer to experience it with them.  

Wanna Hang Out Card

Wanna hang out card in hammock

Chilling in a hammock is not a bad way to get some precious rest and relaxation. And with an endearing message that says “Wanna hang out soon?”, this sweet card will let your friends know you want to spend time with them. It could mean you wanna go camping together, but the overall message is clear—you enjoy their company and want to put in some quality chill time, preferably in the great outdoors.

So Fly Card

As far as funny cards for friends go, this is the perfect one for your fellow fishing buddy. Let them know you think they’re totally cool, and subtly hint at planning another fly fishing trip together in a clever way. 

Pour Your Heart Out Card

Pour your heart out card by stove

This is a sentimental one. Allude to the glorious memories and heart-to-heart talks shared over coffee in the early mornings when you crawl out of your tent. It’s a cute card for friends who you’ve shared some beautiful camping moments with. We all know how emotional (and vulnerable) we get when we are outside in tune with nature, and giving this card to your buddy lets them know you value your outdoor chit chats together.  

Not Sick of You Card

How am I not sick of you card

Show your buddy you appreciate them with some light-hearted humor—by saying you’re not sick of them yet! This funny, best friend card is playful and witty, yet endearing at the same time. Besides, the best friendships are based on sarcasm, so let them know you are grateful for their existence in this cute and clever way.  

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