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Camping Hoodie - Oatmeal Sherpa

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If you're looking for a blanket in hoodie form, for a cozy but thicker second layer- this hoodie is for you. It's giving us major bear hug vibes. Don’t let the name of this hoodie deceive you; the camping hoodie is perfect for both the outdoors and the city. A staple in the Muttonhead roster since day one, the camping hoodie is one of our best sellers for both men and women.


Fit + features: * natural cord drawstring * button placket closure * side seam pockets * curved hem * medium weight fleece * 100% polyester * fabric knit + dyed in canada * washing instructions: wash cold, hang to dry.

At muttonhead we recognize the importance of ethically made clothing. This is why we manufacture our camping hoodies in a sweatshop free factory located right here in toronto.